AMD Touts Bulldozer Flex FP For Technical and Financial Applications

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AMD’s John Fruehe blogs about a new feature called “Flex FP” in the company’s upcoming Bulldozer processing cores. Designed to deliver tremendous floating point capabilities for technical and financial applications, Flex FP is a single floating point unit that is shared between two integer cores in a module (so a 16-core “Interlagos” would have 8 Flex FP units).

The beauty of the Flex FP is that it is a single 256-bit FPU that is shared by two integer cores. With each cycle, either core can operate on 256 bits of parallel data via two 128-bit instructions or one 256-bit instruction, OR each of the integer cores can execute 128-bit commands simultaneously. This is not something hard coded in the BIOS or in the application; it can change with each processor cycle to meet the needs at that moment. When you consider that most of the time servers are executing integer commands, this means that if a set of FP commands need to be dispatched, there is probably a high likelihood that only one core needs to do this, so it has all 256-bits to schedule.