New Blog: Fourth Paradigm – Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery

Print Friendly, PDF & Email has launched a new blog that focuses on data-intensive scientific discovery. Based on the popular book of essays edited by Microsoft’s Tony Hey, the Fourth Paradigm blog will provide an ongoing forum to further explore the mushrooming role of data-intensive science.

The book is available for purchase, but you can also download it from the Microsoft External Research site. I found this quote by Tony Hey in the conclusion:

At the heart of scientific computing in this age of the Fourth Paradigm is a need for scientists and computer scientists to work collaboratively—not in a superior/subordinate relationship, but as equals—with both communities fuel- ing, enabling, and enriching our ability to make discoveries that can bring about productive and positive changes in our world.”

The Fourth Paradigm blog was announced this week at the eScience Workshop in Berkeley, California.