SC10 Demo to Show InfiniBand Scaling Over Global Distances

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Obsidian Strategics, makers of the Longbow InfiniBand range-extenders, will conduct System Area Network Demonstration of encrypted data movement between HPC clusters during SC10 in New Orleans. With help from their partners at Avetec’s Data Intensive Computing Environment (DICE), the Obsidian demonstration will show how Longbow products enable a typically short-reach HPC network to efficiently connect over significantly longer distances.

The DICE Program’s role in the execution of this project is to embed Longbows in our geographically dispersed, real-world test bed,” said Tracey Wilson, DICE program manager. “We are currently characterizing the encryption capability of the Longbow E Series at local and remote sites. The DICE Sandbox demonstration at SC10 will provide the high performance computing community with a network architecture verifying that InfiniBand is not only scalable but can be easily extended over campus, metropolitan and global distances.”

DICE independently evaluates hardware and software solutions for enterprise and government with the goal of helping organizations save critical resources and time.