SC10 Session Preview: PRACE European HPC Infrastructure BoF

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The PRACE BoF at SC10 takes place on Wednesday 17 November from 12.15-1:30pm in room 389. The session will present the latest news about the PRACE Research Infrastructure. It covers the current status and the future plans; the results to be expected during the EC funded implementation projects, the integration of services currently provided by DEISA within the European HPC ecosystem, and collaboration opportunities for academia and industry.

For the uninitiated here are more more details from the 2010 PRACE poster:

  • PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, is a unique persistent pan-European Research Infrastructure (RI) for HPC.
  • The PRACE RI is governed by an international non-profit association with its seat in Brussels. Twenty countries are presently members of the association ‘Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe AISBL’.
  • The first production system, a 1 Petaflop/s IBM BlueGene/P (Jugene) at FZJ (Forschungszentrum Jülich) is available for European scientists. Find more information about how to apply for resources at:
  • Access to the RI is open to researchers from recognized European academic institutions and industry for projects of merit based on peer-review governed by a PRACE Scientific Council.
  • PRACE will provide a permanent pan-European HPC service consisting of various leading systems (Tier-0) forming the top level of the European HPC ecosystem.
  • The capabilities of the PRACE RI, initially at the Petascale level, are expected to grow to the Exascale level within a decade.

PRACE also has a booth with DEISA in the SC10 exhibition hall in booth # 4021. The word is they are doing daily prize drawings.