ScaleMP Extends SMP Capabilities to IBM's x3850 X5 Servers

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Today ScaleMP announced availability of its vSMP Foundation virtual server aggregation solution on IBM System x3850 X5. The 4-socket X5 is IBM’s big memory Xeon server, and when used with vSMP Foundation, delivers the ability to create one of the largest x86 shared-memory systems on the market.

With vSMP Foundation, our customers can quickly and easily deploy a virtual SMP across IBM servers for high performance computing needs, whether they are working with clusters or need a larger system,” said Brian Sanders, director, IBM System X. “IBM and ScaleMP enable our customers to let their project determine their needs, rather than legacy hardware.”

The IBM x3850 X5 comes in a 4U chassis that supports a 1U MAX5 memory expansion unit, providing up to 96 DIMMs and 1.5TB total memory. Used in conjunction with vSMP Foundation, users can deploy a virtual SMP system with 512 processors, 4,096 cores and 64TB RAM across their x3850 X5 servers, which would reportedly make it the largest x86 shared-memory system in the world.