Slidecasts: 300 Hours of GPU Technology Conference

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Breakout session recordings from the 2010 GPU Technology Conference are now online along with downloadable video and presentation files. There’s something like 300 hours of content there, so here are some of the choice HPC sessions to check out:

General HPC Topics

  • Opening Keynote with Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and Co-Founder of NVIDIA. Stream.
  • The Evolution of GPUs for General Purpose Computing. Stream. PDF.

Climate and Weather

  • Using GPUs to Run Next-Generation Weather Models. Stream. Download.
  • Large-scale CFD Applications and a Full GPU Implementation of a Weather prediction code on the TSUBAME supercomputer. Stream. Download.

Large-Scale GPU Deployments

  • Lessons Learned Deploying the World’s First GPU-Based Petaflop System. Stream. Download. PDF.
  • Tsubame 2.0 Experience: Satoshi Matsuoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Stream.
  • Power Management Techniques for Heterogeneous Exascale Computing. Stream. Download.
  • Tools for Managing Clusters of Nvidia GPUs. Stream. Download. PDF.


  • MatCloud: Accelerating Matrix Math GPU Operations with SaaS. Stream. Download.
  • Hybrid GPU/Multicore Solutions for Large Linear Algebra Problems. Stream. Download.
  • A Case Study of Accelerating Matlab Based Applications using GPUs. Stream.


  • Interactive Molecular Dynamics for Nanomechanical and Nanochemical Experiments. Stream. PDF.
  • Bringing GPUs to Mainstream Molecular Dynamics Packages. Stream.


  • Reverse Time Migration on GPUs. Stream.



  • Processing Petabytes per Second at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Stream. PDF.
  • Accelerating System Level Signal Integrity Simulation. Stream. Download.


  • Integrating GPGPU Accelerated Pricing Models Into an Existing Financial Services Infrastructure. Stream. Download. PDF.
  • Practical Methods Beyond Monte Carlo in Finance. Stream. Download. PDF.

Life Sciences

  • Klaus Schulten Keynote on the Computational Microscope. Stream. Download.
  • Modelling Evolution Computing the Tree of Life. Stream. Download.
  • Bridging GPU Computing and Neuroscience to Build Large-Scale Face Recognition on Facebook. Stream.


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