Webinar: Eliminating Complexity in Managing GPU Clusters

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This week Bright Computing announced that James River Technical will sell and support Bright Cluster Manager. James River focuses on the Education space, and this is looks like a good move for Bright Computing as the company seeks to gain traction for its Linux cluster management software.

As part of this new collaboration, James River will host a Nov. 10 webinar on Eliminating Complexity in Managing GPU Clusters. Topics include:

  • Key challenges in managing GPU clusters
  • Two models of GPU management: Tool-kit vs. Single Solution
  • How to configure a GPU system from “bare-metal” to functioning, high-performance cluster in less than one hour
  • How to scale to thousands of nodes, including systems comprising a mixture of GPUs and CPUs
  • How to seamlessly switch between CUDA versions

For more information on how to register, check out the James River webinar page.


  1. I used Bright when I built my cluster. I must admit, I did it more for intellectual curiosity than need. I was surprised and impressed with how easy and capable it is, and have continued to use it as a management tool. It has taken away my pain.