Bojanic & Braam Getting Lustre Band Back Together at Xyratex

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Today Xyratex announced that Peter Braam and Peter Bojanic, two of the original Lustre architects, have joined Xyratex to lead a world class Lustre development team. The company, which acquired ClusterStor earlier this year, said that this move ensures that Lustre will continue to be the foundation of HPC data storage worldwide.

Lustre is recognized as a leading high performance clustered file system in High Performance Computing with over 60% share of the Top 100 systems in the Top 500,” said Earl Joseph, Research Analyst at IDC. “Peter Braam and Peter Bojanic are recognized as key leaders of the Lustre community and by reuniting them, there’s no question that this is a very positive move for the broader HPC community and that it will help to ensure that Lustre will continue to be a key element of HPC data storage environments.”

With help from the DoE Lustre community, Peter Braam invented the Lustre file system in the early 2000’s at his original company, Cluster File Systems (CFS), which was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2007. Most recently Peter was the CEO of ClusterStor, a startup he formed to further develop and support file system technology. Xyratex acquired the assets of ClusterStor earlier this year and has been continuing to add world class development talent in order to further enhance the capabilities of Lustre and support the Lustre community. Peter Bojanic joined Xyratex to lead the Lustre development and support team. Bojanic most recently led the Lustre development and support group at Oracle.