GPFS-SNC Wins SC10 Storage Challenge

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The SC10 Storage Challenge was won by IBM with their new GPFS-SNC storage architecture. The competition rewards the most innovative storage solution, and GPFS-SNC (General Purpose File System-Shared Nothing Cluster) is designed to reliably store petabytes to exabytes of data while processing highly parallel applications like Hadoop analytics “twice as fast as competing solutions.”

Businesses often talk about the importance of collecting, organizing and analyzing information to make smarter business decisions but those that are unwilling to adapt their storage technology strategies are literally running into walls, unable to keep up with the vast amounts of data generated on a daily basis,” said Prasenjit Sarkar, Master Inventor, Storage Analytics and Resiliency, IBM Research – Almaden. “We constantly research and develop the industry’s most advanced storage technologies to solve the world’s biggest data problems. This new way of storage partitioning is another step forward on this path as it gives businesses faster time-to-insight without concern for traditional storage limitations.”

GPFS-NSC distributes all functions across all its nodes, eliminating metadata servers. The system to use commodity servers and is reportedly fault tolerant of disk and node failures. Full Story