HPCFS to Host Booth and Open Sessions at SC10 for Lustre Community

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Lustre (and Oracle) will not have a booth at SC10, but with today’s news, the Lustre Community has a place to go, meet up, and learn the latest on the popular file system.

The High Performance Cluster File System (HPCFS) Software Foundation, an international organization focused on collaborative on-going development, pre-release regression testing, and community-based technical support of Lustre on Linux, will hold open sessions at SC10 in New Orleans, on November 13-19, 2010, and will host a booth #4755 in the exhibit hall. All members of the HPC and Lustre communities are invited to join these active discussions with developers and users about how to improve the stability, scalability, testing resources, and future feature sets of Lustre on a priority basis.

The opening HPCFS meeting will be on Sunday, November 14, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, in the River Bend Ballroom at the New Orleans Marriott at the Convention Center. This technical session meeting place is provided by Intel, and all members of the Lustre community are welcome to attend. No RSVP is necessary. The proposed meeting agenda is online in a post by Peter Bojanic of Xyratex.

Two additional sessions that focus on the needs of international Lustre users also are planned. On Wednesday, November 17, the European Lustre Cooperative and EMEA users and vendors will meet at 2:00 pm, also in the River Bend Ballroom. A meeting for Australasian or JAIPAC users is being scheduled, with the location and date to be determined.

Since HPCFS began in July, we have quickly attracted a diverse set of companies, end users, developers and government organizations,” said Michael Levine, scientific director, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), and a founding HPCFS member. “Together, we have been sharpening our attention on the most important issues to Lustre users, so we can ensure Lustre’s reliability, robustness and on-going functionality and scalability. We look forward to meeting the larger Lustre community, including European and Asian members, at SC 2010 and having engaging and productive conversations about technical planning and collaboration for on-going contributions, testing, support and future software capabilities of Lustre on Linux.”

In addition to these user meetings, the HPCFS Software Foundation will host both #4755 in the SC10 Exhibit Hall. Lustre developers, vendors and users participating in the foundation will be present to discuss how to become actively involved in HPCFS. Visitors are also welcome to join the Lustre community mailing list. Updated information about both the group and its activities at SC10 will be posted.

The HPCFS Software Foundation was established to create and sustain a collaborative, open source technical community focused on addressing the common interest of Lustre users and vendors worldwide by providing joint development, testing, quality assurance, release and support of the Lustre file system on Linux, in close cooperation with Oracle.

Many Lustre developers, vendors, users, government entities, and academic institutions have participated in a series of planning sessions to create the foundation’s agenda for the upcoming year. These include Barcelona SC, Bull HPC Solutions, Cambridge University, French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), Cray Computer, Swiss National Computing Center (CSCS), Dell, FermiLab, Fujitsu, HP, Indiana University, Intel, Juelich Super Computing Centre, Mellanox Technologies, NASA Ames Research Center, Naval Research Laboratory, Oracle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, ParTec Cluster Competence Center, PSC, Sandia National Laboratories, Sanger Institute, SGI, System Fabric Works, Terascala, Texas Advanced Computing Center, Whamcloud, Xiotech, and Xyratex.

Membership in the HPCFS Software Foundation is open to any company, non-profit organization, academic or government entity, or individual engaged in the use, manufacture, sale or distribution of high performance computer networks and storage systems, as well as organizations engaged in any HPC or file system-related research, development and deployment. For more information about how to join the foundation, come by HPCFS booth #4755 at SC10 or email them at info@hpcfs.org.

Software Foundation
The High Performance Cluster File System (HPCFS) Software Foundation is an open source international community dedicated to furthering the needs of the parallel file system user communities worldwide. Founded in June 2010 by industry, research and academic leaders in the high-performance computing industry, the foundation has built a collaborative environment where scientists, engineers and programmers can collectively work on issues to keep the Lustre community vibrant and strong. Current participants include Lustre vendors, end users, government organizations, research centers and academic institutions throughout the world. For more information about the HPCFS Software Foundation, visit www.hpcfs.org.