Interview: Netflix Moves to AWS Cloud

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As Netflix moves to the Cloud, a number of companies are watching closely to determine if there’s more to Cloud than meets the eye. In this interview with Netflix Cloud Architect Adrian Cockcroft, we learn about the financial motivations behind the move.

I don’t believe private clouds can compete with public on price, however if you have a bunch of empty datacenter space or want to re-organize your internal systems to be automated and API driven then there are real cost savings to building your own private cloud. I think VMware and Microsoft are going to own the private cloud space, but Amazon is going to continue to disrupt both of them at a lower price point for public cloud.

As reported here, Adrian presented the company’s plans for Cloud migration earlier this fall in Silicon Valley. It’s a good talk, and I think HPC centers as we know them today will continue to offload workloads to services like AWS in the future.


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