NextIO Announces Record IOPs with Next-Gen vSTOR Appliance

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NextIO today announced a new IOP performance benchmark in its next generation vSTOR S200 platform, the company’s solid-state flash storage array solution designed to dynamically increase storage performance in the datacenter.

vSTOR S200 features 16 Fusion-io flash-based storage-class memory (ioMemory) cards with a storage capacity of 10.2 terabytes (TB) and delivers 4.2 million IOPS (input/output operations per second) performance in a 4u platform, surpassing the previous benchmark of 2.1M IOPS set in April with vSTOR S100. NextIO performed the benchmark test using two servers supporting four 3GHz Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processors each connected via PCI-Express to 16 ioMemory cards from Fusion-io in the vSTOR appliance.

NextIO technology offers our customers a unique combination of performance and capacity for their most demanding applications.  While doubling the performance benchmark, NextIO also increased the customer’s ability to share and dynamically deploy Fusion-io across multiple servers and applications, dramatically improving ROI,” said Tyler Smith, vice president of alliances, FusionIO.

NextIO’s vSTOR products demonstrate the speed and power of its PCI-Express-based I/O technology. NextIO’s vSTOR solution utilizes PCI-Express-based ioMemory technology and server connections and can be reconfigured and consolidated across multiple servers, rather than installing separate storage cards in each server. Additionally, vSTOR technology replaces spindle drives closest to the server with low power solid-state technology, which has the highest IOPS and bandwidth performance per server for the price. The vSTOR S200 will be generally available in early 2011.