Numascale Introduces NumaConnect SMP Adapters at SC10

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Numascale has launched its NumaConnect™ SMP adapter, allowing high-performance SMP systems to be built using standard servers and hardware adapters at cluster prices. Numascale is a provider of innovative technology for cost-effective shared memory and cluster computer systems.

Numascale is offering a multi-node system where the NumaConnect SMP adapters are plugged into the HyperTransport connector in each node, and are interconnected through a switchless 3D torus to form a cache coherent shared-memory NUMA system. With no OS or software changes, the system runs one single OS image with the total memory shared and available to all processors.

At the heart of the NumaConnect technology is the NumaChip, which combines a high-speed, low-latency 3D torus interconnect and a cache coherent memory controller. The unique, directory-based caching architecture is designed with 3 levels of cache and onboard cache memory, helping to reduce the amount of memory transfers needed between nodes, thus effectively increasing performance and scalability. The NumaChip design allows for creating single systems with up to 256TB of shared memory.

It is a very exciting time to bring this breakthrough technology to market.  For years the HPC market has been forced to pay a very high premium for large scale shared memory SMP systems. With NumaConnect, we will enable the building of systems that have similar specs as competing systems, but at a fraction of the cost of its enterprise alternatives,” says Kåre Løchsen, CEO of Numascale.

You can catch a demonstration of  the NumaConnect SMP Adapter at SC10 Booth #3113.