Oracle Pulls Off Muzzle, Talks Up Lustre

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Drew Robb writes that Oracle is starting to share more about its plans for the popular open source Lustre file system.

Nothing in Lustre has been radically changed under Oracle,” said Jason Schaffer, senior director of product management for storage at Oracle. “We have an unwavering commitment to Lustre and its community as well as the high performance computing marketplace.”

Robb goes on to say that Oracle has its work cut out to make this effort a success. And who’s fault is that?

Ok, Oracle, it’s great that you sat down with this one writer, but where were your HPC user meetings at SC10 last week? If Lustre under Oracle turns out to be a success, it will be because of the efforts of other vendors and the new organizations of HPCFS and OpenSFS. They are a smart bunch, Oracle, but not one of them uses Lustre for your benefit.