Pete Beckman to Direct New Exascale Technology and Computing Institute

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Pete Beckman has been named director of a newly created Exascale Technology and Computing Institute (ETCi) at Argonne National Laboratory. Working with scientists and industrial partners from around the world, the ETCi will focus on developing exascale computing to extend scientific discovery and solve critical science and engineering problems.

Reaching exascale will require exciting new technologies and novel approaches to hardware and software development,” said Rick Stevens, Argonne’s associate laboratory director for computing, environment, and life sciences. “Pete’s proven leadership and ability to deliver results will be key to harnessing the power of exacale and leading the community to produce unprecedented opportunities for scientific discovery and technical innovations to power American industry.”

Making exascale computing possible will require a concerted effort by the entire scientific computing community. Beckman and colleagues from other DOE laboratories and six universities were recently awarded funds to construct a plan for creating an Exascale Software Center that would develop the software for future exascale platforms. Full Story