Platform HPC Update Provides a Complete Cluster Solution

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Today Platform Computing announced an enhanced version of Platform HPC, their management product for small and medium-sized high performance clusters. Designed to make cluster management easy for mere mortals, Platform HPC is based on the company’s Platform LSF batch workload scheduler.

I talked to Platform’s VP of Product Management Ken Hertzler recently and he told me how the design of Platform HPC centered around two design points when it was launched 18 months ago:

  • Can we make it easier to set up a cluster?
  • Can we make it easier to integrate your applications to use the cluster?

We are addressing three major areas with this release. The first is that Platform HPC 2.1 is a complete cluster. In a cluster solution, you need various tools like a cluster manager, a workload scheduler, portal support and application portal interfaces, and reporting and management. Plus it supports Windows and Linux. The second thing is we are supporting and integrating some of the most popular ISV applications such as ANSYS, LS-DYNA, ABAQUS, and others. The third point is that we have certified vendors that this solution is sold through. That way all the right device drivers are there and the customer gets one point of contact.

Platform will be demonstrating the new product at SC10 booth number 2739.