Russians to Build First Petascale Super with T-Platforms

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Russian supercomputer vendor T-Platforms has won an open tender to deliver and install the second phase of expansion of the Lomonosov supercomputer at  M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. The contract is worth roughly $25 million dollars (USD) and provides for increasing the overall supercomputer performance up to 1.3 petaFLOPS.

Currently, T-Platforms is working on the first stage of the Lomonosov supercomputer expansion project which will enable the system to reach a peak performance level of 510 teraFLOPS before the end of December. The second stage, which will increase the peak processing capacity by another 800 teraFLOPS, bringing the total system peak performance level to 1.3 PFLOPS, will be based on the latest TB2-TL hybrid blade system from T-Platforms equipped with Nvidia’s Tesla X2070 GPUs. Due to the unique compute density of the new platform, only eight standard computer cabinets are required to expand Lomonosov, with each one providing peak performance of 100 teraFLOPS in double-precision operations. The new solution has allowed MSU to reduce the price/performance ratio down to a record-breaking $31,000 per TFLOPS.

As announced earlier this month, T-Platforms and Lomonsov Moscow State University are collaborating on the development of next generation supercomputer technology aiming for exascale levels of computation.