SC10 Previews, Thoughts, and Trends

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Dell blogger Dr. Jeff Layton gives us a nice overview of SC10:

If you haven’t been before, SC is a great place to learn about HPC. There is a HUGE number of Ph.D.’s at the show and they really enjoy talking about what they do and they are eager to help you learn about HPC. There is great deal of variety of people there and a great number of interesting stories about people using HPC to solve interesting problems. You can see people using HPC to design diapers, skin lotions, and detergent containers. You can see HPC being used to decode genomes of humans, plants, and animals. You can see HPC to design and test new drugs and to screen for cancers in MRI’s and CAT Scans. You can see people using HPC to analyze the depths of matter to look back in time at how the universe started. You can see people using HPC to predict the weather, predict traffic patterns during emergencies, analyze financial bond risk, and design aircraft, cars, golf clubs, and tennis rackets. You can rest assured that HPC touches your life in many, many ways and you aren’t even aware of it happening. SC10 is a chance to learn more about HPC and how you can use it in your life or how it affects your life.

Layton goes on to describe the trends he is seeing in storage and GPU computing. It’s an interesting read, and I learned a lot from his summary of Dell’s plans for SC10 at booth #2412.