SC10 Students to Start Their Engines for Cluster Competition

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Dan Olds at the Register profiles the teams that will compete next week in the SC10 Student Cluster Competition. Dan has great fun with this article, and he even provides links to school fight songs for Stony Brook University, Purdue, Louisiana State University, Florida A&M Rattlers, NTHU, University of Colorado, University of Texas, Austin, and Nizhni Novgorod State University, I’m putting my bet on Stoney Brook to repeat this year, but remember, no wagering allowed.

Eight university teams – six from the US, one from Russia and one from Taiwan descend on the SC10 [1] supercomputing show in New Orleans next week to take part in the Student Cluster Competition (SCC). The students bring their own self-designed and built clusters to the show, re-assemble them, and race to complete a set of benchmarks and workloads in the quickest time. The competition tests their system design skills, their aptitude for learning new programs and new methods, and ability to optimize code to produce more (and better) output than their rivals.