Sponsored Post: Get extreme performance and reliability: Intel® Parallel Studio XE

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Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2011 offers the best optimizing compilers in the industry along with highly tuned performance libraries for math, crypto, imaging, and compression. Get latest processor performance improvements by a simple re-link of your code. Innovations being introduced include new parallel programming paradigms for C++ like the Intel® Parallel Building Blocks and enhancements in the Fortran compiler with Fortran 2008 standards support, including Co-Array Fortran. Try a free 30-day trial.


  1. Absoft 11.1 Fortran Compiler Suites are 15% faster than Intel XE compiler suites in Polyhedron Benchmarks on both Windows and Linux. Take a look, http://www.polyhedron.com/pb05-win32-f90bench_p40html