The #SC10 Daily Newspaper: Now Available on Your Browser

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Imagine if you could have a daily newspaper that was based on the people you follow on Twitter. Every story, photo, or video they pointed to would become a story in itself.

Well, some clever folks at a Swiss Startup called SmallRivers have done just that with a web site called Not only does it let you create daily newspapers from your tweets, it also lets you specify #hashtag topics to base your publication on. And that’s just what someone named Abhishek Anand has done for us at SC10.

The #SC10 Daily has great supercomputing stories from around the globe. Just like your daily paper, they have sections with Headlines, Environment, Education, Technology, and Business.

I played around with a while back and I found the results to be rather amusing due to the random story layouts the system picks. In fact, I found it so random that I decided to call it The insideHPC Daily Heisenberg. Enjoy!