Update: Sneak Peak at SC10 Plans from Oracle's Dark Tower

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As reported here earlier this week, Oracle will indeed have a last-minute booth at SC10. In this booth preview, the company says it plans to showcase Sun ZFS Storage Appliances, StorageTek Tape Solutions, and storage software including Lustre, Sun Storage Archive Manager, QFS, Common Array Manager, and the Key Management System.

The company will also be talking about their Exalogic Elastic Cloud, so be sure to welcome them to Supercomputing at booth #4539.

UPDATE: The folks from Oracle Grid Engine will be there showing their stuff at SC10. For the latest on OGE, check out this podcast interview with Dan Templeton. It’s an interesting discussion, and Dan also talks about the Grid Engine forks that are going on.


  1. Oracle Grid Engine will be there!

    I know this because Brock and I spoke with Daniel Templeton (product manager for OGE) just days ago on the RCE-Cast podcast:


    The “Oracle / OGE will be at SC” bit is right around the 40 minute mark.