AppProfiler from eXludus to Help Users Exploit Multicore

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Today eXludus Technologies announced the availability of the AppProfiler application profiling and reporting solution. As the name implies, AppProfiler provides detailed analytics on system resources consumed by applications and provides actionable insight into the processing, memory and I/O requirements of each application. Application-to-server optimization process is becoming increasingly difficult and important as processor core counts continue to rise, and without precise data concerning how applications consume server resources, it is virtually impossible for system managers to fully leverage the strengths of multi-core server architectures.

Our AppProfiler software was designed in response to input from clients including Wall Street banks and Silicon Valley chip manufacturers,” said Dale Geldart, CEO, eXludus Technologies. “Precisely identifying the resources consumed by applications, jobs, processes and threads in a multi-core environment is very difficult. However, we have successfully developed a lightweight solution that continuously monitors and captures data that allows system managers to take tangible steps to enhance overall system and application performance,” Mr. Geldart concluded.