China Unveils Design of New Supercomputer Center in Changsha

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Get ready for liftoff. China has unveiled a sleek, ultra modern-appearing design for National Supercomputing Center in Changsha. Once completed sometime in 2011, the center will be the new home of the Tianhe-1A, the fastest system in the world as ranked by the TOP500.


  1. It is not, ultimately, the fancy buildings, nor even the massive array of commodity components that make the potential of China’s supercomputer impressive – it is what people DO with it that matters. Anyone can build buildings or assemble commodity components. This is where our own intellectual bankruptcy may cause our demise. There exists (existed) an extreme prejudice against heterogenous GPU computers (as merely gamer tech) that has not yet been discredited even in light of China’s advancements. The primitive, existing computational fabrics and the software that runs on supercomputers are the real culprit. While known for decades, only now is this being acknowledged (and begrudgingly, at that).

    The hubris that thinks exascale computation lies on the current technological trajectory is probably wrong. That hubris is successfully keeping progress toward exascale computing at bay.