DDN Storage Choice of Uptown TOP500

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The TOP500 list is like chicken; there are a million potential recipes from this single source for preparing your unique dish. And so it continues today with Data infrastructure provider DataDirect Networks (DDN), who announced that the company has significantly increased its adoption in the upper ranks of the TOP500:

  • 44 percent of the total performance delivered by the total Top500 list leverages technology from DDN
  • DDN experienced a 8% increase in usage by the Top 100 systems, now serving 57% of the Top100 supercomputers — more than any other company
  • DDN continues to deliver more bandwidth to the Top500 list than all other storage companies combined

DDN is an established vendor in the HPC market, with a set of solutions that are tailored for the demanding needs of HPC environments,” said Earl Joseph, Ph.D., IDC program vice president for high performance computing. “Given the company’s product focus and expertise in HPC, their growth in this area is not a surprise.”


  1. This is no surprise: DDN uses IB-connected storage on these systems and IB trends the same on the compute side of the top500.