Video: European Open Filesystems Group to Bolster Lustre

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In this excellent presentation video by ETH’s Christian Bolliger, the mission and goals of the new European Open Filesystem organization are described in detail.

Lustre users in Europe have combined forces to form a legal entity known as a Societas Cooperativa Europaea (SCE) with a mission to promote the establishment and adoption of an open source parallel filesystem, sustain and enhance its quality, capabilities and functionality, and to ensure that the specific requirements of European organizations, institutions and companies are considered.

Having an open source filesystem is a necessity for high end supercomputers computers producing massive amounts of data. Such an important piece of the filesystem software cannot be made proprietary with no absolute guarantee of future access,” said Jean Gonnord, Chef de Project Simulation Numerique Simulation and Programming of CEA/DAM. “This is the main reason why CEA has supported and will continue to support LUSTRE as an open source filesystem. As with any open source software, LUSTRE should be supported by the largest community of users. We hope that the organization will prioritize its development efforts to continually improve the functionality and stability of an open source code base.”


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