HPC Coming to Corporate Sooner Than You Might Think

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In his recent blog post reflecting SC10, John Dean of Syncsort writes that advent of parallel programming tools like Visual Studio 2010 are paving the way for HPC to reach the missing middle:

I believe this is a significant breakthrough and that the application of this technology is bound to be pervasive. It finds use in multi-core engines and in cloud applications. While it is argued that HPC and cloud are at opposite ends of the spectrum, the reality is that parallelism is at the heart of both operations. Both require function segmentation with complete definition to facilitate scalability. With the advent of cloud computing and its ”pay as you use” business paradigm, the availability of HPC clusters is becoming a reality for all of the HPC community, not just the elite few. This has the potential of bringing another 55 million users online within the next few years.

Dean goes on to say that with these developments, he can easily see HPC becoming a larger part of mainstream corporate America in the near future.