Oracle Abandons Open Source Grid Engine

Print Friendly, PDF & Email has posted details of Oracle’s definitive plans to close down and stop work on the Open Source version of Grid Engine.

Moving forward Grid Engine is now “Oracle Grid Engine” available as a commercially licensed software product. Oracle explicitly references open source Grid Engine fork now called Open Grid Scheduler. This is a relief to many who were hoping for some sort of signal of intent or attitude towards community efforts. A non-hostile Oracle is a good thing for people wanting to make use of the open source codebase.

Oracle is going further than “just words” – as the CollabNet site ( site is dismantled they will be passing the components to the community. This includes the full mailing list archives, CVS repository etc.

More information available here:


  1. The Open Grid Scheduler project will continue to develop a pure open source fork of Grid Engine. We just released SGE 6.2u5p1 (patch 1) in Feb 2011, and there will be 1 more bug fix release before the first release that has new features.