Podcast: A Sneak Peek at AMD's 16-core Bulldozer

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In this podcast, I discuss AMD’s position in the HPC market with John Fruehe, Director of Product Marketing for Server/Workstation products. John is an avid blogger at AMD and he offers his perspective on multicore, GPGPUs, the TOP500, and the pending 16-core AMD Bulldozer processors that will start shipping in 2011. Download the MP3 or Subscribe on iTunes.


  1. […] For HPC applications, AMD offers discrete AMD Firestream GPU Compute Accelerators. In a recent insideHPC podcast interview, AMD’s John Fruehe pointed out that the company has not decided whether or not to integrate […]


  1. 16 Cores wow you must be joking

  2. I dont care about any server processors. I just want to see some compairable gaming chips to what Intels coming out with or already have. I want to build another system but I’m so disappointed on board selections. Lets see it AMD!!!!

  3. I’m sorry Ken, but Intel chips only provide a few more FPS in gaming then AMD chips and cost 100+ dollars more. Id rather save 100$ then gain 2 more frames. AMD does have comparable gaming chips to Intels but Intel has better chips for other uses such as video encoding, etc.

  4. I hope Bulldozer’s per-core performance and scalability beats Sandy Bridge. We don’t want more slower cores like what AMD’s doing today with their Phenom II X6. Processors with more cores only really address server environments and some niche desktop workloads. And if Bulldozer does outperform Sandy Bridge I hope AMD won’t price it like it’s the only CPU in town.