PRACE Newsletter: Competitiveness and Excellence in the European HPC

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The December edition of the PRACE newsletter is out with an interview with Prof. Richard Kenway, who leads the PRACE Scientific Steering Committee.

The SSC advises the PRACE Council on all scientific and technical matters. In particular, it oversees the peer review process for the allocation of PRACE resources. The most important objective of the SSC at this stage is to gain the confidence of the scientific community that PRACE resources are being allocated openly and fairly, and operated appropriately, to support the best science. That way, PRACE will attract the best science. This pursuit of scientifi cexcellence above all else will be key to our success, both to justify continued investment by the PRACE partners and to ensure Europe remains competitive in exploiting strategically vital HPC technologies.

At insideHPC, we believe that PRACE is an organization to watch. Funded by the European Union, PRACE is the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, providing member countries with world-class systems for science to strengthen the region’s scientific and industrial competitiveness.

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