Video: Scalable Informatics Launches siCluster NAS at SC10

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In this video, Scalable Informatics CEO Joe Landman demonstrates the new siCluster NAS product, which is designed to scale up your capacity, storage and network performance, without scaling out of your budget.

Scalable Informatics is excited to have delivered the first siCluster NAS unit to a government customer to provide scale-out NAS storage for their computing infrastructure,” said Dr. Joseph Landman, CEO of Scalable Informatics. “The system design allows for simple management and expansion of capacity and bandwidth as the end users require. End users can connect clients to siCluster NAS using NFS, CIFS, and GlusterFS clients.”

With capacities starting at 10TB and moving rapidly to the many Petabyte region, siCluster NAS scales down and up in capacity as needed, while maintaining  excellent economics. Each Delta-V storage node adds up to 32TB usable capacity, and 800MB/s bandwidth. A 96TB usable capacity system has a list price under $1,000 USD per Terabyte. This system configuration provides 6x 10GbE or QDR InfiniBand ports, and 12x 1GbE ports. Optional top of rack 10GbE or InfiniBand switches are available. Learn more at:


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