Datacenter Knowledge Survey Looks at 2011 Trends

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What developments can we look forward to this year in the datacenter? Rich Miller at Datacenter Knowledge did a survey that revealed some surprising trends including low-power servers drawing as little as 30 Watts, pay as-you-use hardware acquisition models, and rapid adoption of modular datacenter units.

The scale and pace of required to meet data center demand is large and growing,” said Anthony Wanger, President of i/o Data Centers. “It is too large and fast-paced to be solved with series of ‘snowflakes’ – a model where every data center is uniquely designed, custom built and very expensive. For this reason, the era of the ‘data center as big construction project’ is over and is being replaced by the era of mass production.”

It all adds up to reducing the cost of a datacenter from today’s average of $10 Million per Megawatt to something more like $3 Million. That will require mass production and economies of scale. Who’d have thought that the next step of the Information Age is to learn the lessons of the Industrial Revolution?


  1. Todo ello se suma a la reducción de los costes de un centro de datos a partir de la media actual de 10 millones de dólares por megavatio a algo más parecido a $ 3 millones. Que requerirá la producción en masa y economías de escala. ¿Quién hubiera pensado que el siguiente paso de la era de la información es aprender las lecciones de la Revolución Industrial?