Is Spectra Tape’s Last Great Hope?

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Is the tape business turning around in 2011 as predicted by storage pundity, Henry Newman? Well, so far, so good for Spectra Logic, who announced this week that their revenues grew more than 60 percent year over year. In fact, George Crump, Senior Analyst at Storage Switzerland writes that the company is being rewarded for its focused evangelism of tape storage technology.

A while back in a blog I did for Network Computing I proclaimed that tape needed an evangelist, a company that was unabashedly pro-tape. I excluded IBM and Oracle (SUN/STK at the time) because they were too committed to disk and were easily distracted by the million other products that they had. Spectra Logic has taken that role and are tape’s last great hope.

Crump goes on to say that he believes that Spectra’s focus is what makes the company successful. To me, it’s an interesting study in business philosophy, especially after coming from a company like Sun that tried to “focus everywhere.”