Flex Bits: HPC News with Snark for Friday, Feb. 18

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We don’t get to everything we want to cover at insideHPC. Here are the Flex News Bits for the week of Friday, Feb. 18:

  • SGI in USA Today. After announcing record profits last week, SGI stock just reached a 52-week-high of $15.75 a share. Before it was acquired, SGI stock went as low as 43 cents. This sparked the headline SGI Rises from the Ashes, and I bet a friend that they would talk about Jurassic Park in the first paragraph. They actually squeezed it in the first sentence.
  • Cray profitable, too. The supercomputer vendor announced this week that they are in the black after growing revenue for the third straight year.
  • Jobs! Fresh off news of great financial results of their own, NVIDIA is seeking product managers, technical marketing managers, product marketers, and CUDA developers for the Tesla GPU computing business. Check out http://careers.nvidia.com (search on “CUDA”). Netflix is hiring as well.
  • Big PC News. Our most popular video last week showed a demo of a 256-socket SGI Altix UV running Windows. If this is your kind of thing, you can now sign up for a newsletter for the latest on how Windows Server scales on Altix.
  • IBM Gets the Ink. Big Blue spent four years and millions of dollars to develop the computer that beat Jeopardy champions this week. Watson was impressive, but in terms of PR media signal, this project generated an astounding 3500 news stories at last count.