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Archives for March 2011

Slidecast: Platform Computing Announces Support for MapReduce

In this video, Ken Hertzler and Scott Campbell from Platform Computing announce the company’s new support for MapReduce. “Platform Computing offers a distributed analytics platform that is fully compatible with the Apache Hadoop MapReduce programming model. This allows current MapReduce applications to easily move to Platform’s distributed computing workload platform while also supporting multiple distributed […]

UK Atomic Weapons Establishment Goes With SGI for Large Memory

This week SGI announced that the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in the U.K. has selected two SGI Altix UV 1000 systems for solving large memory engineering problems. “The breadth and depth of our science, engineering and technology is extensive, and includes several key areas that are central to AWE’s work, such as plasma physics, design […]

Registration Still Open for OpenFabrics Workshop, April 3-6, With New Membership Levels

The OpenFabrics Workshop kicks off next week in Monterery, California. Registration is still open, so please come and join us there as insideHPC continues its Spring Event coverage. To peak your interest, this week the OpenFabrics Alliance announced two new membership levels that will be available beginning April 3, 2011 at the Workshop. The Alliance […]

Photo Montage: National HPCC Conference 2011

This photo montage features pictures from the National HPCC Conference 2011 in Newport, RI. Music by Will West, used by permission of the artist. Music used by permission. The album “Take this Moment” is available on iTunes.

Infographic: Global Ranking of Scientific Citations

This infographic from The Economist shows countries with the biggest share of academic citations “SCIENCE is becoming bigger and more global. That, at least, is the conclusion of a report published by Britain’s Royal Society, the world’s oldest scientific academy. Emerging scientific nations are gaining influence, as measured by how often their researchers get cited […]

Yale to Top Ivy League in HPC

Yale has pulled ahead of its Ivy League competitors with a new supercomputer acquisition from HP. “Yale Information Technology Services announced Monday that it has purchased a new supercomputer — a machine that processes large amounts of scientific data at high speeds — ranked 146th in the world for speed, and 74th among academic institutions […]

Video: Architecture-Aware Algorithms and Software for Peta & Exascale Computing

In this video, Jack Dongarra from the University of Tennessee presents Architecture-Aware Algorithms and Software for Peta & Exascale Computing. Recorded at the National HPCC Conference in Newport.

Video: Dell NFS Storage System (NSS)

In this video, Dell’s Onur Celebioglu presents the company’s HPC storage integrations using NFS. Recorded at the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Workshop 2011 in Lugano. Workshops slides are here.

Cooling System Problems at Wright-Patterson Trouble DoD's Largest Super

The Dayton Daily News reports of trouble at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, where a power and cooling systems contractor may sue the government over issues involved in the installation of Raptor, the Defense Department’s largest supercomputer. The system, which was publicly unveiled On March 4, is intended to support weapons systems design, modeling and simulation studies of […]

Interview: Henry Neeman on Supercomputing in Education

In this interview from the Education Technology & Change blog, Henry Neeman from the University of Oklahoma describes the increasing accessibility of HPC. “You may not see the supercomputers, but every single day supercomputing is making our lives better. Everything from the cars we drive to the weather forecast on TV to the movies we […]