Local Paper Recognizes Argonne CIO Charlie Catlett

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There are many un-sung heroes in HPC. And sometimes, they get just a little recognition for making our world a safer place.

This week, the Herald-News, a local paper in the village of Plainfield, Illinois, posted a nice profile piece on Charlie Catlett, a long-time member of the HPC Community who is currently the CIO of Argonne National Laboratory.

According to Catlett, his efforts at Argonne focus on security and looking for ways to free up researchers and technical experts to do other things than worry about common computer services others can manage.

“Being a part of a federal lab, one of the jobs of the CIO is to oversee computer security,” Catlett said. “Being director of the IT division, our work affects thousands of people. We have to continue to develop safer and safer plans to protect our lab assets and data and provide cyber security. And we have to take all the opportunities we have to pursue information technology to operate our lab more efficiently and safely to support our science.”