Live from the HPC User Forum in Houston

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The HPC User Forum is underway in Houston this week and our volunteer correspondent Sharan Kalwani has been busy tweeting live from the show:

  • Dylan Brennan of the Univ of Tulsa, OK talks on the US Burning Plasma organization (USBPO group of scientists) use of HPC – Fusion research
  • Lee Berry of ORNL worries about the problems/challenges and successes of using HPC codes for Fusion simulations
  • CASL have used the Denovo code to model the recent Japanese nuclear disaster – checking the does rates in that facility
  • Tom Evans of the ORNL-CASL (Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light water Reactors) uses HPC to simulate/design of nuclear reactors
  • Cynthia MacIntyre of the Council for Competitiveness talks about their Midwest Project for SME-OEM use of modeling and simulation.
  • Suzy Tichenor of ORNL talks about the SciDAC workshop on commercializing the SW developed by the National Labs.
  • Melyssa Fratkin of TACC shares their vision of how Industry outreach is being implemented.
  • Ashok Krisnamurthy is the first speaker – OSC has done well to come up with some very useful industry portal based applications.
  • Merle Giles moderating panel on how to enable/accelerate HPC Industry outreach – OSC, TACC, ORNL, Competitive Council are all represented.
  • However using the capabilities for “Big Data” requires NEW ANALYTICS! both for data at rest and data in motion. Scales up and down….
  • Dave Turek, VP IBM Deep Computing tells a fascinating story of the IBM cloud for doing the Power7, Sony, MS and Nintendo engineering designs
  • Stephen Wheat, Sr. Director of HPC at Intel, branches off into a very different direction – an update on the Democratization of HPC!
  • Dr. Newhauser of the Anderson Center @ UT Houston, tells us all about Computational Radiotherapy for Cancer Research (risk/predictions, etc)
  • Keith Cheng of Penn State Hershey Medical Center tells us all about the deluge/flood of data from the HPC bio community – post lunch session
  • Peter ffoulkes of Adaptive Computing shares a formal product roadmap update on MOAB – Viewpoint 2.0 tuned for HPC as a Service & Cloud
  • The uHPC panel agrees on the inescapable need for SW/HW co-design for the eXaFLOP project, the old traditional way is no longer sustainable.
  • Arun Rodriguez (Scalable Architecture) of Sandia National Labs is closing out the uHPC session – sharing info on their X-caliber project
  • Angstrom is envisioned to be about a 1000 cores, each at 5 TFLOPS/s, 1.5 GHz and 50W (50 mW/tile) power. Each core uses 11nm technology
  • Angstrom project == optimize both energy *and* performance