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Live from the HPC User Forum in Houston

The HPC User Forum is underway in Houston this week and our volunteer correspondent Sharan Kalwani has been busy tweeting live from the show:

  • Dylan Brennan of the Univ of Tulsa, OK talks on the US Burning Plasma organization (USBPO group of scientists) use of HPC – Fusion research
  • Lee Berry of ORNL worries about the problems/challenges and successes of using HPC codes for Fusion simulations
  • CASL have used the Denovo code to model the recent Japanese nuclear disaster – checking the does rates in that facility
  • Tom Evans of the ORNL-CASL (Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light water Reactors) uses HPC to simulate/design of nuclear reactors
  • Cynthia MacIntyre of the Council for Competitiveness talks about their Midwest Project for SME-OEM use of modeling and simulation.
  • Suzy Tichenor of ORNL talks about the SciDAC workshop on commercializing the SW developed by the National Labs.
  • Melyssa Fratkin of TACC shares their vision of how Industry outreach is being implemented.
  • Ashok Krisnamurthy is the first speaker – OSC has done well to come up with some very useful industry portal based applications.
  • Merle Giles moderating panel on how to enable/accelerate HPC Industry outreach – OSC, TACC, ORNL, Competitive Council are all represented.
  • However using the capabilities for “Big Data” requires NEW ANALYTICS! both for data at rest and data in motion. Scales up and down….
  • Dave Turek, VP IBM Deep Computing tells a fascinating story of the IBM cloud for doing the Power7, Sony, MS and Nintendo engineering designs
  • Stephen Wheat, Sr. Director of HPC at Intel, branches off into a very different direction – an update on the Democratization of HPC!
  • Dr. Newhauser of the Anderson Center @ UT Houston, tells us all about Computational Radiotherapy for Cancer Research (risk/predictions, etc)
  • Keith Cheng of Penn State Hershey Medical Center tells us all about the deluge/flood of data from the HPC bio community – post lunch session
  • Peter ffoulkes of Adaptive Computing shares a formal product roadmap update on MOAB – Viewpoint 2.0 tuned for HPC as a Service & Cloud
  • The uHPC panel agrees on the inescapable need for SW/HW co-design for the eXaFLOP project, the old traditional way is no longer sustainable.
  • Arun Rodriguez (Scalable Architecture) of Sandia National Labs is closing out the uHPC session – sharing info on their X-caliber project
  • Angstrom is envisioned to be about a 1000 cores, each at 5 TFLOPS/s, 1.5 GHz and 50W (50 mW/tile) power. Each core uses 11nm technology
  • Angstrom project == optimize both energy *and* performance

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