Unification: Lustre Communities to Align With OpenSFS

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In this video, LUG’2011 Chair Galen Shipman announces an agreement by the three Lustre community organizations to align with OpenSFS. Under the agreement, HP-CFS will combine with OpenSFS. The European EOFS group will remain as a separate entity eligible for EU funding, but will form an “alliance” with the newly combined OpenSFS group. For all practical purposes, this agreement unifies the Lustre community as it seeks to go forward with its software roadmap.

The three organizations, HP-CFS, Europe’s EOFS, and OpenSFS, formed last year after Oracle announced that it would no longer support the open source file system on non-Oracle hardware. The fate of Lustre has been in flux ever since, so this was welcome news to the LUG-2011 attendees in Orlando.

In related news, Shipman announced that Xyratex would join OpenSFS at the Promoter level. The company, which currently employs a number of key Lustre developers, was described as a key addition to the organization.

What’s interesting to me is how much this was all up in the air just 24 hours ago. The cameras were turned off yesterday during the Lustre Communities discussion at the LUG’2011 conference, but everyone seemed to leave with the same conclusion:

“We have to come together as one community or we’re dead,” said one attendee to the crowd.

So getting together is exactly what they did last night in a two-hour, closed-door session.

Norman Morse, Bill Boas, Hugo Falter, and Galen Shipman announce Lustre community alignment with OpenSFS

Norman Morse (OpenSFS), Bill Boas (HP-CFS), Hugo Falter (EOFS), and Galen Shipman (ORNL) announce Lustre community alignment with OpenSFS

Lustre is now in a great position to move forward to eventually become the defacto filesystem for Exascale computing. Stay tuned for more information of this important development.


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