Video: Supercomputing: Where to from Here?

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In this video, Moderator Bob Feldman hosts a session entitled: Supercomputing: Where to from Here? Recorded at the National HPCC Conference 2011 in Newport.


  • Dr. Eng Lim Goh, SGI
  • Bill Feiereisen, Intel
  • Shumel Shottan, BlueARC
  • Steve Lyness, Appro International, Inc.
  • Marc Hamilton, HP Americas

“The moderator will seek to leverage the panel’s outstanding knowledge and insights to examine some of the most crucial decisions to be made in HPC in the coming years. These include evaluating the effect of the massive Exascale effort on the industry and discussing the consequences of the Exascale focus. In addition, the impact of major initiatives on international competitive positions and the leadership role of the United States will be explored. This open discussion among leaders from key HPC vendors provides a rare and excellent opportunity to gather valuable insights and perspectives on the future of HPC. This panel may also address issues brought out during the conference and will include topics suggested by the moderator, the conference audience and the panelists.”