DICE Releases SCinet Sandbox Report

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This week Avetec’s Data Intensive Computing Environment (DICE) program, NASA Goddard, and Obsidian Strategics released the results of the DICE-SCinet Research Sandbox (System Area Network Demonstration) conducted at the SC10 conference. Over 15 government, academic and HPC vendors participated in the demonstration of applications and file systems using Obsidian Strategics’ Longbow InfiniBand range-extension, which enables high performance network connectivity across wide-area networks (WAN).

For more information, access the SCinet report at diceprogram.org/reports/.

In this video from the Adva Optical Networking booth theater at SC10, Obsidian Strategics CTO David Southwell presents the challenges of interconnecting data centers over long distances using InfiniBand Transport. Recorded November 15, 2010 at SC10 in New Orleans.