Forge Super to Fire Up GPUs at NCSA

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NCSA's Jim Long installing components for Forge

A new 153-teraflop supercomputer called Forge is being deployed at NCSA. The GPU-powered system is expected to enter production by July 1.

Forge will combine 18 Dell PowerEdge C6145s that contain 36 nodes of dual-socket/eight-core AMD processors, with M2070 NVIDIA Fermi GPU units housed in Dell’s C410x PCI expansion enclosures; there are eight Fermi units for each node, for a total of 288. Each NVIDIA M2070 provides more than 500 gigaflops of double-precision performance and 6GB of GDDR5 memory. A QDR InfiniBand interconnect fabric will interconnect the nodes; 700 terabytes of GPFS filesystem space will be provided by two Data Direct Networks SFA 10000 units. The I/O bandwidth of the system is expected to exceed 16GB/sec.


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