Penguin Adopts SolarFlare 10 GigE to Speed Financial Services

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This week Penguin Computing announced that the company is designing and delivering Solarflare’s networking products as part of its financial services solutions.

We are witnessing the mainstream adoption of 10GbE, as customers are realizing the benefits this technology brings to next-generation data centers and are looking for solutions to address the new big data demands within their network infrastructure,” said Mike Smith, vice president and general manager of host solutions at Solarflare. “In order to meet this emerging need and capture market share, we are working diligently to locate valuable resellers worldwide that can help us best reach target customers that are looking for high-performance networking solutions. Our newest long-term strategic partnership with Penguin Computing will help us do just that.”

According to the release, SolarFlare’s scalable vNIC architecture leverages SR-IOV to accelerate virtualized applications, which is a critical component as more data centers look to leverage the benefits offered through virtualization and cloud computing advancements. Read the Full Story.