Video: Seven Meals from Chaos

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Since we survived the Rapture Day, our Video Sunday feature continues with a reading of my apocalyptic short story called Seven Meals from Chaos.

Actually, this story does a have a tie-in to HPC. It’s based on a dream I had on a return flight from ISC in Dresden some five years ago. If you know your history or if you’ve ever read Slaughterhouse-Five, you know that in World War II, the Allies firebombed the city and nearly 250,000 people burned to death.

In Dresden, they sell postcards to the tourists that show gruesome photos from the firebombing, images that haunt me to this day. And when I sat down to write this story, I remembered seeing this German graffiti on the wall there by the little stand where they sold the cards. Roughly translated, it said, “Amidst Abundance, We Starve.”