CUDA Comes to X86 Thanks to Portland Group

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Today the Portland Group announced that it is now shipping the PGI CUDA C and C++ compilers for systems based on the industry standard general-purpose 64-bit and 32-bit x86 architectures.

“With the addition of PGI CUDA C and C++ for x86, PGI further extends its comprehensive suite of tools for programming GPUs,” said Douglas Miles, director, The Portland Group. “It’s another important element in our ongoing strategy of providing HPC programmers with a full range of options for optimizing compute-intensive applications and leveraging the latest technical innovations from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA.”

When run on x86-based systems, PGI CUDA C/C++ applications perform parallel execution by using the multiple processor cores, and by using Streaming SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) Extensions (SSE), including the new AVX instructions available on the latest generation of x86 compatible CPUs from Intel and AMD.

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