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Live Stream: Workshop on Visualization of Large Scientific Data June 14-15


The Workshop on Visualization of Large Scientific Data will stream their sessions live on June 14-15 from the CINECA supercomputing centre in Bologna, Italy.

“The scientific community is presently witnessing an unprecedented growth in the quality and quantity of data coming from simulations and real-world experiments. Moreover writing results of numerical simulations to disk files has long been a bottleneck in high-performance computing. To access effectively and extract the scientific content of such large-scale data sets (often sizes are measured in hundreds or even millions of Gigabytes) appropriate tools and techniques are needed. In-situ visualization libraries enable the user to connect directly to a running simulation, examine the data, do numerical queries and create graphical output while the simulation executes. It addresses the need of extreme scale simulation, eschewing the need to write data to disk. The workshop will bring together researchers, developers, computational scientists for cross-training and to discuss recent developments and future advancements in remote and in-situ visualization.

Sessions start at 10:00am CET on June 14-15. Connect to the Live Stream.


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