New Microprocessor May Be Revolutionary

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Steven Frank, Jef Sharp, Jeff Hausthor, and Stephan Rogers of Panève LLC are heading up a team whose work is so revolutionary that customers who hear about it say it is almost too good to be true.  They developed and built a new software-programmable, general-purpose microchip processor, called the RhinoCore, for video and graphics-intensive applications. It will cover a wide range of products that make life better for people, from TVs and gaming devices to green-energy applications and medical devices.  The product is in final stages of development, and will solve an industry problem by reducing costs and the time it takes to get new products to the market, while allowing programmers to write innovative applications.

“What makes Panève’s work so groundbreaking is that its processor allows conventional software to take advantage of multiple chip cores as if they were one.  The feedback we are getting shows that what we are doing is the Holy Grail,” said Frank, CEO of the company.

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  1. They are actually attempting to target Big Data. Unfortunately, they are not nearly as far along as they think they are and the day to day management there is inexperienced. By the time they actually get this working for real applications (probably at least a year or two) other chip makers will be ahead of them in the market.

    Also, their idea is not that revolutionary.