Structure Conference to Make Sense of the Real Cloud

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While many of us will be off to ISC talking about scaling up, a number of the world’s top cloud innovators will gather at the Structure conference, June 22-23 in San Francisco.

After years of questions about what cloud computing is and how it will affect IT, we’re finally starting to get answers. With major acquisitions having gone down, hybrid clouds now a reality and the federal government eyeing cloud-inspired legislation, it is becoming more clear how the cloud landscape will shape up. At Structure 2011, we’ll address these issues and more to help attendees make sense of where cloud services are headed and how they’ll affect everything from application development to data center design. Anyone with a vested interest in cloud computing won’t want to miss this chance to hear about its future from the people who are making it happen.

The Structure agenda looks great with feature speakers from Amazon, Facebook, Rackspace and more. Register now.