Video: An Overview of CINECA – Italy's Largest Supercomputer Center

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In this video, Sanzio Bassini presents on the CINECA Consortium. CINECA the largest computer center in Italy. Recorded at the DDN User Group at ISC in Hamburg on June 20. 2011.

Last week DDN announced that CINECA has selected the company’s Storage Fusion Architecture 10000 and IBM’s General Parallel File System (GPFS) to power academic and commercial research across the European Union in such fields as computational science, life science and chemistry, and material science.

“To satisfy the demanding and highly varied requirements of the academic and commercial research community, CINECA needs a highly-efficient and highly-versatile storage infrastructure. Our new DDN SFA10000 storage cluster with GPFS will deliver a 10-fold increase in site-wide resources and readies us for the ever-evolving needs of our most demanding applications,” said Sanzio Bassini, Director of Supercomputing Application & Innovation at CINECA. “Our long-standing partnership with DDN and IBM helps us eliminate I/O bottlenecks and enable a level of scalability that is unachievable with conventional technologies.”

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