Will 10 GigE Finally Go Big in HPC?

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David Simms writes that this could be the year that 10 GigE goes big in HPC:

“Blade officials said some of the factors holding up adoption are the price of switches, switch scaling and simple PHY confusion, as well as the proof of performance. On the positive side, they noted that prices are dropping fast, and some server vendors are including 10 Gigabit Ethernet as a standard server feature now, as well as several NIC vendors proving mature and stable for HPC. In this context they mentioned the Chelsio 10GbE adapter for standard rack servers and the Chelsio 10GbE adapter for IBM BladeCenter-H servers.

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Will InfiniBand lose ground on the next TOP500 list? I’m guessing not, but Chelsio is getting out the big guns on this one with a new white paper entitled InfiniBand: The Eight Myths.


  1. They have had that whitepaper out for a while now…and it’s still full of errors. They should fix it if they want to be taken seriously. For example and there are many: “IB’s roadmap ends at EDR (Eight Data Rate), which will only deliver 50Gb of user bandwidth.” WRONG. FDR is being introduced today and it’s 56Gb/s…while EDR is 104Gb/s.