Feature Audio Interview: IBM’S Don Grice

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The Exascale Report interviews IBM’s Don Grice, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Engineer for Road Runner.

Click Here for the Audio Interview with Don Grice

Don addresses the following questions:

The Exascale Report (TER): Back in November, IBM talked about a
breakthrough in allowing chips to communicate at faster speeds using
pulses of light – and it was said that this photonics technology could
boost processing capabilities to a million trillion calculations per
second, an exaflop. Has there been any substantial progress in this
area – and do you still think this could be a key factor in exascale

TER: What’s the timeframe we are looking at for this type of research
– and are there implications beyond the quest for exascale?

TER: Can you tell us more about IBM’s exascale research labs?

TER: What is IBM’s view of Co-Design, an approach many have said is
absolutely essential to achieving exascale computation, and are your
teams involved in any co-design efforts related to exascale research?

TER: How is IBM organized around exascale? Where is the ownership?

TER: Where does Blue Gene fit in the exascale landscape?

TER: Community leaders have stated for quite some time that compilers
would likely be a critical component to actually achieving exascale
levels of computation. What is your position on this today – is there
anything you can share with our readers regarding compiler research with
an eye to exascale?

TER: At what point do you see Cloud Computing playing a role in
exascale computing? Do you see their paths converging?

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